How to avoid paradentosis

Published: 21st March 2011
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As common as it is, paradentosis is a worldwide problem. It is a kind of ailment that occurs due to bad oral hygiene. The improper care of gums and teeth, unhealthy lifestyle and bad eating habits all lead to most cases of tooth decay, gum disease and finally paradontitis.

Realistically, avoiding paradentosis is relatively easy if only people would get into the habit of practicing good and proper oral care. Knowing more about the disease can also help more people know about the damaging effects it could do to a person’s life.

Brushing the teeth properly is a good start to cleanse teeth and gums from early signs of paradentosis. Brushing must be done immediately after eating each meal to prevent bacteria from building up. A good toothbrush is also recommended to properly brush the teeth. The brushing technique must also be emphasized to effectively eliminate food particles on teeth. The toothbrush must also be changed every three months for better cleaning effects.

Flossing is always a recommended practice after brushing. Doing this would help get rid of small food particles located between teeth.

Drinking lots of water, 8 glasses or more, is highly recommended. Water keeps the mouth hydrated and helps in the production of more saliva. More saliva can keep bacteria from forming around gums and teeth.

A good healthy diet is also good to keep away paradentosis. It could often be construed that having a healthy physical body means also having healthy mouth and teeth. With the right kinds of food, your teeth and gums are provided with the right nutrients and vitamins to keep them healthy. Foods rich in omega-3 fats such as fish, yogurt, eggs and bread are good to keep gums healthy. Foods rich in Vitamins C, E and A help keep teeth and gums healthy as well.

Make certain that you avoid smoking to prevent onset of gum disease, which could eventually lead to paradentosis. Smoking stains your teeth and causes foul breath. Smoking also brings dryness in your mouth.

Avoiding alcoholic drinks and soda drinks could also help prevent paradentosis. These drinks contain sugar, which could cause tooth decay. Bacteria thrive on sugar and if you neglect care of teeth, then this can lead to serious complications like paradentosis. It would be wise never to substitute these drinks in lieu of water.

Lastly, make it a habit to visit your dentist. This is person who can give you the best dental care advice. The dentist can clean your teeth, check your gums and recommend other helpful treatments to prevent onset of paradentosis.

Your dentist can prescribe some sugarless gum specifically as part of your oral care. Chewing this sugarless gum can hasten saliva production, which is good to prevent bacteria from building up.

These are the practical and most convenient methods to help prevent paradontitis. It would be wise to keep them in mind so that you won’t have any problem with paradentosis.

If you need another good advice against paradentosis, or as the Danes would say Gode råd mod paradentose, visit this website. If you don't understand Danish, you cant translate it with Google Translator. Even more about paradentosis you can read here.

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