Going on a bus travel – pros and cons

Published: 18th March 2011
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Just as everything else in life, bus travel has its pros and its cons as well. Although travelling by train might sound more interesting and romantic to some of you, there are cases where bus travel makes much more sense, if it comes to budget, or convenience. If you feel like travelling, but you still have not made up your mind on the way of transportation, you should check out this short list of pros and cons of bus travel.

There are certain countries, where busses are the only option, if you want to visit smaller towns too, as trains do not go there at all. Some countries lack a train system, so if you are about to visit one like that, bus travel will be your only chance. A pro of bus travel over train travel is considered to be the speed. This is especially true if you are dealing with local train. Picking train instead of a bus in that situation will make you feel like the time spent on the train lasts forever, as it is going to make many stops.

Another pro of bus travel is that you can put your luggage in the bus’ trunk and not worry that it might get stolen. Having the chance to stretch your legs at a rest zone, while travelling by bus is a pro as well, especially if you are travelling long distance.

Generally, buss tickets are usually cheaper, compared to other travel options, which makes this a top advantage.

Now, a little about the other side of the coin – the cons of bus travel. All and all, busses are not that comfortable, especially when we are talking about long distance trips. You have a limitation of one seat, and if the bus is full, you will not really be able to get up and move around at all.

If you are not there at least 20 minutes before the bus leaves, you stand the chance of not having choice where to sit, and you may end up next to a non-stop talking person, which might be frustrating, even for short distance travel. If busses where you live are all modern and comfy, do not assume it is like that all over the world, as you may end up travelling next to a cage of living chickens for a couple of hours.

Another con of bus travel is that busses are kind of slow, compared to air planes, for example.

Keep in mind that even if you have many travel options, bus travel might be the best one if it comes to travelling on a tight budget, as there are many kinds of discounts, such as for group travel.

Also, it is very important where you will be travelling to, as there are towns, where bus system is built way better than the train one, which means bus stops are at more convenient places.

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