Caries Ė 5 of the most common causes

Published: 22nd March 2011
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Caries is the most common dental disease, it is also knows as tooth decay or cavity and affects around 98% of all people An interesting fact about caries is that anthropologists have discovered that the first people on our planet actually had less caries than people in the present. One of the main reasons for this is that they did not eat so much processed food and this kind of food weakens the teeth.

Caries is a disease that has its favorite zones on the surface of the teeth. One of the zones most likely to suffer from caries is the sidewall of the tooth where it has contact with another tooth. This zone is very difficult to clean because itís hard to reach with a toothbrush and you should use dental floss. Caries is caused by bacteria that inhabit the dental plaque, which can decompose sugar to organic acid. This slowly weakens the enamel and begins to penetrate it entering the small and unprotected dentin where this process becomes much faster. A lot of people wait for the small caries to become bigger before visiting the dentistís office because they think the small caries cannot be treated. This is absolutely wrong, the earlier you catch the caries you will have less lost tissue. These are the five most common causes for caries:

1. It all comes down to genetic predisposition of having caries. The structure of the teeth is passed on genetically and that generates a genetic predisposition of caries.

2. Dental hygiene is very important and if you donít have it, risks of getting caries are much higher. Brushing your teeth in the morning after breakfast and before going to bed is a must, if u want to avoid caries. Itís also highly recommended to use things like dental floss, mouth wash and chewing gum that help your teeth be cleaner and lower the risk of caries.

3. Having the wrong food diet increases your risk of getting caries. Eating the right food is one of the main factors if you want to get optimal dental structure. If you want to avoid caries you need to eat food that has lots of minerals and vitamins like fish, dairy products, fruit and vegetables.

4. Sugar is a big enemy to the teeth and also helps you get dental cavities. Dentists say that itís not the amount of sugar that you consume thatís important but the frequency of sugar intake. Sugar produces acids that demineralize enamel and make dental caries more likely to occur.

5. Soft drinks are a common risk factor in dental health and one of the reasons for tooth decay. Carbonated drinks like soda demineralize the tooth and create acids that can increase caries risk. Like with sugar if soft drinks are consumed very often, the severity of caries is increased.
In conclusion if you want to protect yourself from having caries you should take care of your dental hygiene, be aware of what you are eating and if it has enough minerals and vitamins. Donít eat too much sweet food or drink soft drinks and donít forget to visit the dentistís office as soon as you notice something wrong with your teeth.

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